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Cold Weather Priority Scheme

Over 75 age group can receive their orders as a priority and in particular, during the winter months

For those over the age of 75, the cold weather can pose problems, especially for those who might be living in rural areas. During the winter months, temperatures can drop extremely low and that can increase the potential of illness or pose a risk to life.

However, to ensure that the elderly receive the fuel that they need in order to remain warm, healthy and safe, the Cold Weather Priority (CWP) scheme has been put in place.


Why is the Cold Weather Priority Scheme required?

Historically there has been an increase in the number of winter deaths that have occurred as a result of cold weather. A large number of those deaths have been completely avoidable. In fact, it has been found that around 80% of those were avoidable but only if they had access to the fuel and the heating that they desperately need.

This is a growing problem and as we have changing weather patterns there is the potential for winters to become harsher, it’s important to take action now. What this initiative offers is the chance for those who are 75 and over and at risk to be identified, so they don’t get left behind. This means that NWF, and all of our brands, will ensure that the over 75 age group receive their supplies as a priority and in particular, during the winter months.


How Does the Scheme Work?

Essentially, it is a fairly simple and direct initiative as it means that those who are over the age of 75 can apply to join the scheme, with the aim of looking after them when it comes to heating oil. Any existing customers will receive a notification from us about their eligibility to join the scheme.

People over 75 years age need further support when it comes to obtaining the fuel they need and to ensure they receive it, this initiative aims to achieve that.

This is not just an initiative for those who live alone and are aged over 75 as it is also open to those who are living with someone who is aged 75 and over.


The Importance of the CWP Initiative

The initiative ensures that the responsibility for ensuring those over the age of 75 receive the fuel they need is taken care of. While many elderly residents might not consider themselves a risk, there is the potential for the cold weather to force them to fall ill or even pass away, something that can be completely avoided.

It is a proactive approach to a known problem and prioritising these individuals will ensure that a solution is found. The aim to ensure fuel is easily accessible and that everyone can receive the fuel they not only require but also desperately need and that’s where this initiative aims to make a difference.

If you have any questions about the Cold Weather Priority scheme, please contact us.

Priority Club

We also offer a scheme called the Priority Club, that enables us to remotely monitor your fuel tank contents and usage via our smart telemetry device, and guarantees you’ll never run out of fuel.

Priority Club members will benefit from a FREE upgrade to our premium Kerosene, our higher specification heating oil and easy monthly direct debit payments.

You can also monitor your own usage from our smartphone app, or we can monitor it for you, giving you complete visibility.

You can get all of these benefits, plus a free smart monitor with professional installation, for just £6 per month.


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