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Heating Oil Smart Monitor


Heating oil smart monitors – why you need one!

We all live in a fast-paced world and much of our lives is automated, providing efficiency, peace of mind and simplicity. When it comes to heating oil, it’s something that you take for granted but when it runs out, you soon realise how much you rely on it. Whether it’s in a domestic setting, a commercial setting, agricultural or retail, when you run out of heating oil, you soon understand the problems that you face but this doesn’t have to be the case with a free heating oil smart monitor.

What is an oil tank monitor?

An oil tank monitor measures the depth of the oil in your oil tank. This allows you to know if your oil fuel levels are adequate for extra peace of mind.

Monitoring your oil tank level helps you keep warm in the cold, keep track of oil usage, and identify issues in the fuel tank at an advanced rate. One of the best ways to monitor your oil levels is through digital monitors. Digital oil monitors can be accessed via smartphones and tablets which gifts you the ability to easily view your oil tank levels.

As a member of our priority club, you will receive a free oil tank monitor that we will install and remotely observe to ensure your oil does not run out. Our oil tank monitors will alert and inform you when oil gets low as well as any sudden drops that could indicate a leak or theft.

How can you avoid running out of heating oil?

We invest in technology that improves and enhances the way that people use oil. We understand that running out of heating oil is an inconvenience but we believe that making life simple is key.

Running out of heating oil during the dark depths of winter, or in fact, at any time of year can be upsetting. With our priority account, you can change all of that. Through a priority account, you can transform how you use oil with an Oil Fox heating oil smart monitor. It gives you the ability to remotely check your tank levels and it removes the need for active management, similar to being on main gas, as we take care of topping up your tank when it needs it.

heating oil smart monitor

Tracking your heating oil levels

Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that your system can keep up with demand. Without oil, it cannot do that but that’s where we are on hand to ensure that we continue to keep you well-supplied with heating oil when you need it. An oil tank monitor allows you and us to accurately and efficiently monitor your tank levels without the need to look at your tank. We never want customers to run out and that’s why our priority account is designed to help meet demand, allowing us to efficiency schedule oil drops when we’re in the area.

OilFox heating oil tank smart monitors can connect to both mobile signal towers and WiFi to ensure that daily usage readings are sent to your app. The app can then provide you with an overview of you current tank level and consumption rate over time. To ensure that your OilFox unit remains active, there is a requirement for an on-going data subscription. This is similar in many ways to data subscription charges for mobile phones, however the cost is significant lower, at just 20p per day which equates to £6 per month. This cost is factored into your monthly direct debit arrangement, so there is no need to make any additional payment to us and your direct debit covers the cost of your fuel throughout the year along with the data connectivity charge.

Managing heating oil levels

If you have been keeping an eye on your heating oil levels personally, you are undoubtedly well aware of how crucial it is to do so. We have the necessary technology and a team of specialists that can tell when your levels are getting low. You can take a hands-off approach with the help of an oil tank sensor, which guarantees that you won’t ever run out of fuel again.

Although smart monitors are a future technology, we think that our clients have the right to use them now. Additionally, besides just our Oil Fox heating oil smart oil monitor, our priority account provides you with a lot more. Oil will be available when you need it, but you may also save money thanks to eco deliveries’ effective routing. Overall, the way you will check your oil levels is evolving, and we are at the forefront of that change.

Take the hassle out of ordering heating oil

If you are someone who actively monitors your own oil tank levels then there is every chance that you have been faced with situations where you have either run out or come close. This is a situation that can be avoided with ease because a heating oil smart monitor can transform the way you manage your oil levels.

Using state of the art technology, we will remotely monitor your fuel tank level. We’ll set up alerts to our depots when your level is getting low, allowing us to route a load to your tank when it’s required.

How does it work?

  • Join our Priority Club – just fill out a quick form 
  • Get a FREE smart monitor for your oil tank
  • Once activated, download the app to your smart phone
  • Get peace of mind that we’re monitoring your tank and will re-fill it before you run out

Join the prioirty club for a tank monitor

As well as having the guarantee to never be left without oil in your tank, when you sign up to the priority club, you will receive a free tank telemetry unit. The unit will be professionally installed by our in-house installation team, meaning you have the peace of mind your device is set up correctly.

To make payments simple, you pay for your fuel with direct debit payments and have access to your digital consumption chart through the easy-to-use smartphone app.

Priority club cost savings

Not only do you get all of these great benefits, but you will also get the cost savings passed onto you directly, through our Eco deliveries, avoiding demand inflated or surge pricing.

Oil tank monitors vs oil tank gauges

Oil tank monitors remotely and accurately measure and monitor the fuel levels in your tank to ensure the oil does not run out. Using updated technology oil tank monitoring systems can identify when oil levels are low and ensure they are refilled before disaster strikes.

The digitalised nature of oil tank monitors allows you to be notified and alerted of any problems and issues with your oil tank in real time. As part of the priority club, NWF Fuel will monitor your tank for that extra peace of mind.

Oil tank gauges are located in your oil tank and are usually easy and clear to read. They display the level of fuel remaining in the tank, usually indicated by a red marker, rather than the number of litres. Although they do not provide an exact measure of oil in the tank, they give a good indication of oil levels.

To find the exact amount of oil remaining in the tank using an oil tank gauge you will need to use an electronic gauge or conduct a manual reading.

Benefits of a heating oil tank monitor

It is important to continually monitor your oil levels to ensure you do not unexpectedly run out. Heating oil is a great way to keep warm but there are also many additional benefits.

Detects problems at an advanced rate

The automated nature of an oil tank monitoring system means that you and the fuel supplier are notified immediately of any problems or issues in the regard to the oil levels and tank.

Oil monitors can quickly identify sudden fuel level drops that may indicate a leak or theft and automatically sends notifications when oil levels get low to avoid disaster.

You won’t run out of oil

Oil tank monitors come with the guarantee that you will never be left with no oil in the tank. The oil tank sensors will identify low fuel levels and notify you and the fuel supplier with enough time to reload before you hit empty.

Automatic top-ups

When the monitoring system informs you and the fuel supplier of a low fuel level alert, fuel is automatically dispatched from the depot and routed to your tank.

Fuel will only be delivered to your oil tank when necessary, so you heat your home at an affordable and efficient rate.

What features should I look for in a monitor?

Easy to monitor

Being able to easily monitor oil levels in real-time at your convenience is an essential factor when installing an oil tank monitor. Viewing fuel levels on a mobile device makes it a simple and straightforward process meaning you will always have an accurate idea of your oil consumption and costs.

Automatic updates

Receiving automatic updates regarding fuel levels and fast alerts to oil problems relieves pressure and provides extra peace of mind. As a priority club member, you can eliminate all stress by allowing your fuel supplier to observe oil levels and distribute more when needed.

Can your distributor monitor levels remotely?

At NWF Fuel, all of our heating oil smart monitors measure oil levels remotely and can be monitored via your smartphone from the sofa. Our oil tank monitors remove the hassle of oil heating and provide you with comfort and confidence regarding your oil tank levels.

As a priority club member, you will receive a free smart monitor for your oil tank that is professionally installed and monitored by one of our expert team members. Once activated, you can remotely monitor your oil levels from any location you wish.

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