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Kerosene vs Heating Oil – Which fuel is best?

Whether you’ve just moved into a property that uses heating oil or you’re installing a new heating system, it’s important that you use the correct fuel.

In this guide, we’ll look at the differences between kerosene and heating oil, how much they cost, and which one you should use.

What is heating oil?

Heating oil is a type of fuel more commonly used for commercial heating. It is considered safe for heating homes and business premises as it doesn’t get hot enough to catch fire, meaning it won’t burn in liquid form, so your home will be safe from fire and explosions.

Also known as gas oil, red diesel and 35-second oil, heating oil is similar to diesel fuel. Following changes to red diesel duty change in April 2022, commercial premises have been required to switch to an alternative fuel such as Ultra 35 or white diesel.

What is kerosene oil?

Also known as kero, burning oil and 28-second oil, kerosene is the most common type of heating oil used in homes in the UK.

Kerosene is made by distilling crude oil. It burns much hotter than home heating oil, meaning it can only be used in a furnace that is equipped to handle high temperatures. This type of fuel is mainly used in home heating systems fuelled by an oil boiler, it is also widely used in AGA cookers.

Kerosene burns cleanly and has a low carbon monoxide risk. Thanks to its low flash point, it is relatively safe to store and handle. Find out more about Kerosene oil here.

Domestic radiator powered by heating oil

Are heating oil and kerosene oil the same?

Kerosene is one of two types of heating oil. The other,  sometimes referred to as heating oil, is gas oil.

One of the main differences between the two fuels is their flash points. Gas oil has a flash point of 56 degrees Celsius, while kerosene has a flash point of between 38-45 degrees Celsius.

Kerosene also offers better performance in winter and cooler conditions.



Which should I use?

If you already have an oil-burning system to heat your home the chances are that it is using kerosene. Kerosene is the most commonly used domestic heating oil used in the UK.

However, if you’re unsure which fuel to use, always consult an engineer to make sure you use the correct type of oil or get in touch with our team if you have any questions.

Do heating oil and kerosene oil differ in price?

The price of both heating oil and kerosene changes regularly, depending on factors such as:

  • The price of crude oil
  • The weather
  • Political unrest
  • Global production
  • Your location
  • The time of year
  • Local demand
  • The quantity you purchase

Kerosene tends to be cheaper than heating oil and is typically the most economical way to heat your home. Our Priority Club has been created to help our customers monitor their heating oil consumption and to manage the costs.


Do I need different tanks for each?

Both heating oil and kerosene should be stored in a secure oil tank that meets the latest regulations.

At NWF Fuels, we supply heating oil and kerosene to households throughout the UK. To find out more or to get a quote, please get in touch.



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