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Squirrel Secrets: Preparing Your Oil Heated Home For Winter

To help make your winter warmer (and more affordable) we’ve taken inspiration from the masters of resourcefulness with our Squirrel Secrets. Take a few minutes to read these four tips and the only sign you see of cold weather will be through the window while you’re at home snug (like a squirrel, not a bug!). 

Restore your habitat!

As the cold weather begins squirrels will migrate to their winter home (drey) and begin restoring the twigs, moss and leaves that keep them warm. Most of us don’t have a Caribbean home to winter in so we can only recommend inspecting and restoring your heating system. Keeping your oil boiler and tank in optimal condition will help to improve your heating efficiency and reduce the risk of downtime. As we approach winter is often the ideal time to schedule an annual service by a registered heating engineer to help prepare your heating system for the cold weather.

There is also plenty that you can do without needing a professional:

  • Inspect your tank for any signs of cracks, splits or severe rust
  • Remove foliage from around the base of the tank (the squirrels might use this!)
  • Check your oil gauges are reading correctly
  • Monitor your oil levels weekly and order oil early
  • Lubricate any tank locks to prevent them from locking shut

Keep an emergency cache

It always pays to have an emergency stash. Squirrels cache their food in holes near their chosen tree so they don’t have to travel too far during poor weather. Take heed from their caution and keep an oil supply to last at least 2 weeks. This also means you can order your heating oil delivery in advance with the bonus of reducing your PPL with a longer delivery window.


Scurry up and join the scheme 

When squirrels get together (in a group or ‘scurry’) they look out for each other, pointing out dangers and keeping each other safe.

​​If you or someone in your household is vulnerable or at least 75 years young then you can help keep them cosy this winter by signing up for the free Cold Weather Priority (CWP) scheme and making your own scurry. This program prioritises heating oil deliveries to elderly customers during extreme cold or shortages.

​​Participation is free and all you have to do is mention that you’re eligible for the Cold Weather Priority scheme when you order oil with us.

Crack nutty myths and use your oil wisely!

To crack a nutty myth, it’s not efficient to leave your heating on all day! While you’re not at home or tucked up in bed then you can set a lower minimum temperature. You can also use your radiator’s thermostats to warm the most used rooms of the house.

The Energy Saving Trust recommends heating your home to between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius during winter while the World Health Organisation suggests 18 degrees is sufficient for healthy people who don’t mind wearing a jumper in the house. If you have babies, infants or the elderly (or squirrels that are getting long in the tooth) in your household then 20 degrees may be more suitable.


Don’t give in to the cold weather, keep warm with our Squirrel Secrets and help save your pennies for a rainy day (or your acorns for a snowy drey).