AdBlue At NWF Fuels:
A Small Step To A Greener Fleet

At NWF Fuels we are committed to helping our customers with greener alternatives and staying legal compliant. Below is our quick guide to AdBlue and why it is so important.

Protect the environment with AdBlue supplied by NWF Fuels.

What is AdBlue?

AdBlue is a colourless (not actually blue) liquid solution, which is 65% diluted water and 35% urea. This helps convert dangerous Nitrogen Oxides into two harmless products – water vapour and Nitrogen. AdBlue is not a fuel additive but an exhaust fluid.


Should I and how do I use AdBlue?

Any vehicle that falls into the Emissions I through to VI, including all Euro4 & Euro5 trucks, must use AdBlue. AdBlue is stored separately inside a tank within the vehicle, carefully applied into an exhaust manifold where the urea dissolves into the ammonia and converts the gasses. This process is called Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR).

Why our AdBlue?

As one of the UK’s biggest suppliers of fuel and lubricants, with one of the most comprehensive networks of depots and suppliers in the UK, we understand the needs of urban and agricultural fleets due to the thousands of businesses we supply. Due to our commitment to create a diverse range of products to cater for every customer, we are a leading supplier of AdBlue to businesses across England and Wales; keeping their nitrogen oxide emissions down which then helps their fleet stay legal and Emissions I through to VI compliant.

All our AdBlue is ISO2241 compliant and we can supply from 5, 20, 200 litres; up to 1,000 litre IBCs and bulk deliveries direct into your tank. Our substantial buying power and commitment to quality service (with our diverse network of strategically located depots and special relationships in the local area) means we can supply five days a week all year round, ensuring you receive your AdBlue when you need it, at the best possible price.

Do you have a question about AdBlue you want to contact us about, or are maybe looking for a price?

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