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Choosing a new heating oil supplier

NWF fuels tanker supplying home heating oil


Choosing a new heating oil supplier can be a daunting task, but it is essential to get it right. There are many factors to consider when making this decision, including location, customer care, pricing and payment plans, upfront fees, reliability, experience, tank installation, maintenance and protection, contracts, and guarantees and warranties.

It’s vital that you choose a heating oil supplier you can trust, and our guide aims to help you navigate the selection process by highlighting ten key considerations to help you choose the best heating oil supplier for your home or business.

10 things to consider when choosing a heating oil company

Who you choose as your new heating oil supplier will depend heavily on your home or business’ individual requirements. Some of the most important things to consider, such as location, can seem simple – but it’s factors like these you need to nail down before you switch suppliers.

Here are some of the most important things to consider.

1: Location

It may seem like an obvious factor but knowing the geographical capabilities of your supplier is essential. It may be that case that you find a supplier that fits all your requirements, only to discover they are unable to service your area.

While choosing a new heating oil supplier, make sure to research the delivery locations of suppliers in your area. Some may serve the local community, while others may cover larger regions or even the entire country, with larger service areas signaling additional technicians and experts on hand.

Additionally, a supplier that covers a larger area may serve you in future should you decide to move home or premises.

2: Customer care and support

It goes without saying that great customer service should come as standard with any heating oil supplier. You may find however, that isn’t always the case.

The supplier you choose should centralise customers at its very core. Providing quality customer care and support should mean more than just a standard service. It should mean emergency support when you need it most, delivery days that are convenient to you, and an expert team of knowledgeable staff able to answer any queries you may have.

3: Reviews

Knowing your oil provider has a proven history of exceptional customer service can set your mind at ease when it comes to choosing a provider with a positive reputation.

A majority of positive reviews can help you understand at a glance the type of service you can expect from your supplier and whether they are reputable, trustworthy and more likely to fulfil your expectations.

4: Pricing and payment plans

Pricing options and payment plans can be the deciding factor for many people choosing a new heating oil supplier.

Many suppliers offer a range of plans to suit your budget, with options such as NWF Fuel’s Priority Club. Becoming a Priority Club member unlocks a range of benefits such as:

  • Smart monitoring with OilFox, allows you to monitor your oil tank usage and spend wherever you are.
  • Manageable monthly direct debits
  • Prem Pure premium fuel additive at no extra cost.

5: Upfront Fees

Choosing an oil supplier who is open and transparent about their fees and costs means you are fully in the loop from day 1 and in complete control over your finance options.

Some providers may list these fees on their website or may share them while discussing your payment options.

In either case, choosing a supplier who willingly and openly provides their policy on upfront fees is a positive sign. Some of these fees may include:

  • A convenience fee
  • Delivery fees
  • Tank maintenance fees

6: Reliability

Your chosen supplier must be reliable, in both supply and delivery. This is even more crucial during periods of high demand on your tank, throughout the colder months.

With a fleet of over 155 vehicles, we operate from local depot networks, with expert delivery teams who know your local area, delivering your oil when you need it, where you need it.

All of our tankers are tracked, so we know where your delivery is at all times. Each of our tankers are also equipped with the latest metering systems, approved by HMRC and Trading Standards, so we can pinpoint exactly how much oil we deliver to your tank.

With our Priority Club, you’ll also have the option to negate the stress of oil monitoring and ordering, with automatic smart systems in place that detect when your tank is running low, triggering a delivery.



7: Experience

Choosing a heating oil supplier with a proven, successful track record means you are choosing quality, longevity, and experience.

At NWF Fuels, we’ve been servicing homes, businesses, and farms for over 100 years. Founded in 1871 as a farming cooperative with our first fuel deliveries taking place in 1950, we have grown to become the UK’s third-largest supplier of fuels and lubricants.

From small beginnings, we’ve maintained our dedication to quality customer service and providing a reliable, local service for homes and businesses across the country.

8: Tank Installation, maintenance and protection

If you’re making the switch from an alternative heating source to oil, you’ll need to begin by sourcing a heating oil tank.

With a wide range of tank options available, it’s crucial you choose a supplier who can source, install, maintain, and protect your oil tank.

Choosing a supplier who is clear on the rules and regulations surrounding oil tank installation is vital. Look for a supplier who can offer you an assortment of tanks, with experts on hand to talk you through your options. You can find out about installation in our heating oil tank installation guide.

9: Contracts

Some heating oil suppliers may require you to sign a contract. The benefits of this may depend on your personal situation, as contracts may lock you into a certain provider for a specific period of time.

This can help to relieve the stress of searching for new providers but may also be an issue if your provider cannot compete with lower prices or better services of other suppliers.

Weigh up the pros and cons and how they may affect your personal situation before signing a contract.

10: Guarantees and warranties

If you switch to a supplier who can deliver and install your oil tank, whether you’ve just switched to heating oil or are replacing an older model, you want peace of mind that the equipment you’re paying for is fully protected.

Check whether your provider offers warranty plans or guarantees on any tank installations, and what the warranties entail, making sure your equipment is covered and protected against a range of possibilities.



Why switch to a different heating oil provider?

There are a number of reasons why you might choose to switch to a different heating oil provider. Perhaps your current supplier isn’t providing you with the best pricing options, or you’re looking for a company with more flexibility and reliability.

If you’re thinking of choosing a new heating oil provider, choose NWF Fuels. We provide:

  • Exceptional customer service, with local depot networks strategically placed across the UK, providing you with the oil you need, when you need it.
  • A service you can trust, as a major authorised distributor for Texaco and Jet, and the preferred distributors of fuel for Essar, Total and Esso.
  • A dependable service, with fully tracked tankers and locally-ran depots who know your area inside out.
  • Over 100 years of experience, with all our drivers and technicians trained to the highest levels.
  • Flexible pricing options and additional extras so you can fully customise your heating oil delivery and maintenance needs.

Get in touch today and a friendly member of our team and make the switch to NWF Fuels.


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