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How long does heating oil last?

A heating oil tank is an effective and efficient way to heat your home and is a popular method among thousands of residential homes and business owners.

If you’re planning to heat your home using oil or have recently installed an oil tank, you may be wondering how long your heating oil will last. The time it’ll last will differ depending on a range of factors including seasonality, tank size, and tank maintenance.

To find out how long your heating oil will last in the tank and how to avoid running out, keep reading.


How long does heating oil in my tank last?

On average, heating oil in a residential tank will last between 18 and 24 months. To ensure your home continues to be warmed efficiently, your oil tank requires regular maintenance to check the oil is clean and ‘flows’.

However, the length of time oil lasts in the tank is determined by numerous factors and personal lifestyle choices.

Small houses with sufficient installation are less likely to require high levels of heat due to the reduced risk of drafts and cold walls. On the other hand, it can be expected that larger homes with poor installation will need more oil to heat the home.

It can also be assumed that during warmer months you will have less demand for heating oil meaning it lasts longer in the tank. During winter, you’ll use more, and it is important to monitor oil levels to ensure they do reach dangerously low levels.

The size of your oil tank will also determine how often the heating oil in your tank needs to be topped up. Larger tanks can hold more oil so are less likely to require frequent refills than smaller alternatives.


How much heating oil will I use?

How much heating oil you will use depends on the size of your home, the design of your home, the condition of your oil tank, local temperatures and how often people are home.

The size of your home determines the amount of heating oil that your household will use depending on the square footage that is required to be heated.

Sufficiently insulated walls and ceilings mean there is less risk of drafts throughout the house and a smaller interior space to warm. Poorly insulated homes require more heating oil to warm the house.

The number of daily hours that the home is occupied is also a huge factor in determining the amount of oil consumed. If the house is empty for most of the day due to work and school commitments, you are likely to use less oil than if it was occupied.

The temperature outside is one of the most obvious factors that will impact the usage of oil to heat the home. Temperatures can drop suddenly within the space of a few days so as outside temperatures get colder, your heating oil consumption is likely to rise.


Calculating home heading oil prices following the energy price guarantee



Calculating fuel usage

To calculate the fuel usage within your home we will assume that the oil tank burns at an average flow of 7.7 litres per hour and the outside temperature is around 4 degrees Celsius. Based on this, in 10 hours you will have used 77 litres of heating oil.

However, it is unlikely you will require your heating oil to burn for 10 consecutive hours and the temperature range will impact the burning cycle.


How long will ½ tank of heating oil last?

Standard oil tanks can hold as approximately  1,000 litres. Therefore half of a tank would leave you with 500 litres. Burning at an average of 7.7 litres per hour, 520 litres of heating oil would last roughly 67 hours.


How long will ¼ tank of heating oil last?

With an average residential tank holding 1000 litres when full, a quarter of a tank is estimated to hold 250 litres. Divided by the average flow rate of 7.7 litres per hour, 260 litres of heating oil would burn for around 34 hours before the tank is empty.


How long will 1/8 tank of heating oil last?

Based on an average home oil tank that holds 1,1000 litres of heating oil, one-eighth of a tank would hold 125 litres of heating oil. Assuming the oil tank burns at the average flow of 7.7 litres per hour, 125 litres of heating oil would last for roughly 17 hours before running out.

However, remember the size of your home, the number of active occupants, the preferred indoor temperature, and the size of your tank, alongside other factors, will have a direct impact on oil consumption.



How do I avoid running out?

To avoid running out of oil you can install a heating oil smart monitor that automatically and remotely monitors fuel levels in the tank and sends out alerts when the level is low.

By joining the NWF Fuel priority club, you will receive a free smart monitor for your oil tank that can be observed in real-time via a downloaded app on your smartphone. For extra peace of mind, NEW Fuel will monitor your tank and automatically re-fill it before it runs out.

If you ever do run out, contact us right away and we can arrange an emergency oil delivery.

For more information about heating oil smart monitors and joining NWF Fuel’s priority club, get in touch today.


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