Diesel (DERV / Ultra-Low Sulphur ULSD)

Standard diesel for use in all diesel powered engines. Our fuel conforms to the BS EN590 standard for diesel.

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Our diesel products encompass both white diesel and red diesel, designed to meet the diverse needs of various applications. White diesel, widely recognised as standard diesel, serves as a versatile and reliable fuel for utilisation across all diesel-powered engines. Compliant with the BS EN590 standard for diesel, our white diesel ensures optimal performance and efficiency, meeting industry specifications.

In addition to white diesel, we also provide red diesel, catering to specialised sectors and applications. Red diesel, often referred to as gas oil, offers distinct benefits tailored to specific industries. It finds its utility in agriculture, horticulture, fish farming, forestry, and arboriculture sectors, among others. Our red diesel meets the requisite standards, delivering reliable power for various machinery and vehicles, while also adhering to the necessary regulations.

At NWF Fuels, we prioritise quality and adherence to standards in all our fuel offerings. Whether you require white diesel for general engine use or red diesel for specific industries, our products are formulated to ensure consistent and reliable performance. Trust us to provide fuels that meet your requirements, backed by our commitment to quality and compliance with industry standards.

BS EN590 specification

Property Lower limit Upper limit Unit
Cetane number 51
Cetane index 46
Density @ 15°C 820 845 kg/m3
Viscosity at 40°C 2 4.5 mm2/s
Sulphur content 10 mg/kg
Flash point Above 55 oC
Carbon residue 0.3 % m/m
Ash content 0.01 % m/m
Water content 200 mg/kg
Total contamination 24 mg/kg
Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) (biodiesel) content 7 % v/v
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons 11 (8) % m/m
Copper strip corrosion (3 hours at 50°C) Class 1 Class 1 index
Lubricity, corrected wear scar diameter (wsd 1.4) at 60°C 460 μm
 Oxidation Stability 25 g/m3
Oxidation Stability 20 h
Distillation recovered at 250 °C, 350 °C 85 < 65 % v/v
95%(V/V) recovered at 360 °C
Cold Filter Plugging Point (winter) -15 °C
Cold Filter Plugging Point (summer) -5 °C
Manganese content 2 mg/l
Filter blocking tendency 2.52