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We supply commercial heating oil, kerosene, regular diesel and red diesel. We provide an up-to-date price quote on all of our heating oil products to ensure you get the most up-to-date heating oil price. Use our product links below to explore our fuels and choose the best for your needs. Quick quotes are available.

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Fuels FAQs

What are the benefits of commercial heating oil?

Commercial heating oil is a very stable fuel and, as a winter-grade solution, doesn’t need changing over winter.

What can commercial heating oil be used for?

Commercial heating oil is, rather unsurprisingly, used to generate heat and can be used in heaters, boilers and dryers. It is often used in heating apartment buildings, schools, hospitals, hotels, offices and factories, but can also be used in dairies, distilleries and animal feed mills.

What is kerosene used for?

Kerosene can be used as heating oil as well as for cooking and in oil lamps. It’s also a solvent for insecticide sprays and can fuel farm equipment.

What is red diesel?

Also known as gas oil, marked gas oil, marked EN 590, 35-second oil and tractor diesel, red diesel is a popular fuel in the marine and agricultural industries, known for having low-tax. It is not permitted in road-going vehicles and so is dyed red (hence the name) as a preventative measure against improper use.

What can red diesel be used for?

Red diesel can be used in the same way as regular diesel, so it can power vehicles, machinery, generators and commercial heating appliances. Because of its low tax, it cannot be used on the roads (except in very niche circumstances). When it comes to fuelling vehicles, red diesel is often used in powering agricultural vehicles such as tractors. It can also be used in commercial heaters, boilers and dryers.

What delivery options are available?

Here at NWF Fuels, our suppliers of premier commercial fuels deliver these products to our customers within the Cambridgeshire area 6 days a week.

During times of high demand, such as the winter, we increase our deliveries to 7 days a week to ensure our customers get the fuel they need.

Our drivers know your local area and are experienced in delivering fuel directly to your storage tank. We supply residential and agricultural premises. Providing a fast, reliable local delivery service across Cambridgeshire.

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What payment options are available?

For each of our products here at NWF Fuels, we offer flexible payment terms either by direct debit, Visa/Mastercard, cheque, cash or standing order.

You can get a free quote for our products online on our website. Simply click this link.

Alternatively, if you have received an invoice from us, you can make a payment by completing our online form. All payments are encrypted and taken securely through our payment gateway, giving you peace of mind.

What is your returns policy?

NWF Fuels has a specific return policy when wishing to return our products to us. To find out more about our return policies, give our team a call on 01638 741306 or email

Why buy from NWF Fuels?

NWF Fuels provides only the best quality customer services to each of our new and existing customers to ensure that we give our customers everything they need and offer our products of the best quality as well at a competitive price you can’t beat.

We offer a range of different products aside from our Fuels which include the below:

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For more information about our products, give our team a call on 01638 741306 or email