NWF Fuels & Swan Petroleum At Shropshire County Show 2019

Were you at this year’s Shropshire County Show at West Mid Showground?

Shropshire County Show 2019

Swan Petroleum/NWF Fuels is proud to announce our continued sponsorship of the Shropshire County Shows annual float competition; which various members of our senior management team have judged since 2015!

“The team at NWF Fuels Babbinswood are thrilled to be invited to judge the Shropshire Young Farmers floats this Saturday at the Shropshire County Show. As quite a few members of our team are from a farming background, we understand how important it is to support the Young Farmers and be a part of exciting community events such as this one. The Shropshire County Show has huge benefits to our local area as well as helping the agricultural industry. It brings the whole community together and attracts people that are not necessarily from agricultural backgrounds to get involved and feel pride in our arable county. It is a huge priority for NWF Fuels to get involved with events like this and continue to support the Young Farmers, as they are the future of the farming community.”

Becky Raisewell Bunn

Swan Petroleum At Shropshire County Show

Shropshire Federation Of Young Farmers’ Clubs

Here at NWF Fuels Babbinswood, we understand that supporting young farmers within the Shropshire area is crucial to helping our local community grow and thrive. That’s why over the years we have continually contributed to our local young farmers club.

Want to know more about our local farming community? Head to the SFYFC website or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Previous Years At The Shropshire County Show

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