NWF Fuels Priority Club;
NEVER Run Out Of Fuel
The efficient way to purchase heating oil

Why join the NWF Fuels Priority Club?

Any member of the NWF Fuels Priority Club will not run out of fuel!

Using state of the art technology, we will remotely monitor your fuel tank level, setting up alerts to your local depot when your level is getting low; allowing us to route a load to your tank when it’s required.


Your Key Benefits

As well as having the guarantee to never be left without oil in your tank, when you sign up to the priority club, you will receive a FREE tank telemetry unit, worth over £180! The unit will be professionally installed by our in house installation team, meaning you have the peace of mind your device is set up correctly.

You will pay for your fuel with manageable direct debit payments and have access to your digital consumption chart, through the use of our app! NWF Fuels will manage your fuel tank for you, meaning you never have to dip a cane into your oil tank again!


Added Benefits

Not only do you get all of these great benefits, but you will also get the cost savings passed onto you directly, through our Eco routing, avoiding demand inflated pricing.

During the busier winter months, you can rest assured that you won’t be waiting in a cold house for your fuel to arrive. With our priority club, run-outs will be a thing of the past!


Simply fill out the online form to join today!