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How to Hide a Fuel Tank – Top Tips and Advice

How Can I Hide My Fuel Tank?

‘Looking to conceal your home heating oil tank discreetly? Whether single or bunded, old or new, discover our innovative ways to effectively hide your diesel fuel tank while maintaining functionality.

Considerations When Hiding Your Fuel Tank

When concealing your tank, several important aspects should be taken into consideration. The chosen hiding spot must ensure safety and compliance with regulations while providing easy access for maintenance and refuelling. Other considerations are:

  • Prioritise camouflage that doesn’t obstruct the refilling processes
  • Consideration fpr ventilation to prevent fume buildup
  • Allow regular maintenance to ensure the tank is kept in good condition
  • Ensure any ‘enhancements’ that hide your tank do not damage the tank, both during installation or over time

Fence – the obvious option

Installing a fence or at least a screen to hide your oil tank from view is probably the quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to make it more attractive. Wooden panels, bamboo, and reed can all be purchased already manufactured and installed a reasonable price. The fence can then be stained, painted, or coated to extend its outdoor life and improve its ability to blend in with the surrounding area. For ideas and helpful advice, read this Which article on “Garden fencing: what you need to know.”

Consider the need for maintenance to ensure you keep the fence looking good.


Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Fence Panels

Use a Trellis to obscure your heating oil tank

Utilising trellises can be an ingenious solution to conceal fuel tanks, or any unsightly outdoor structure for that matter. When strategically placed, trellises adorned with climbing plants can effectively obscure tanks from view while enhancing any garden.

You have to exercise a little more patience with trellis. This can be a lovely method to make your heating oil tank attractive if you’re willing to wait. Plants can be grown up the trellis once it has been constructed. But consider the kinds of plants and flowers, and learn when they bloom and wither. Climbers and wall shrubs are fantastic choices for attracting a variety of animals and insects to your garden, according to the Royal Horticultural Society and RSPB.

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A trellis installed to make a heating oil tank more presentable

Grow a Hedge

A hedge is a long-term plan, so definitely don’t start this if you’re only renting your home! Once mature, a hedge has many benefits; its dense leaves will block your oil tank from view in the nicest of ways, and will hopefully be a pleasing colour all year round if you pick the right plant. It’ll also provide a new home for wildlife, such as birds and insects. You’ll need to work out what type of soil you have in your garden first, and how much sunlight the area gets. Have a look at both the Suttons and Thompson & Morgan websites for advice on evergreen hedging and shrubs to enjoy your hedge all year round, and of course make your heating oil tank prettier.


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A fully grown hedge obscuring a heating oil tank

Camouflage Netting

Before spending lots of money on a new camouflage net, why not check out eBay, Gumtree or even a local carboot sale to see if you can grab a bargain first. There are many styles, sizes and colours of camouflage netting – look out for one that ties in with what’s in your garden or yard. It’s also ideal if you don’t have enough space for a fence, trellis or hedge; or if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes but want to disguise an ugly heating oil tank.

Making a Heating Oil Tank prettier using camouflage netting


Do you own your home? Feeling a bit creative? For that unique touch, why not try painting your oil tank and make a feature out of it? There are many weird and wonderful designs already out there to inspire you; we suggest taking a look on Pinterest for some ideas. Depending on what your tank is made of out, you’ll need to seek advice from your local homeware store and explain what you are using the paint for.


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Paint post for painting a heating oil tank

Place plant pots around your tank

Placing pot plants carefully around your fuel tank, whether it’s a bunded fuel tank or a diesel fuel tank, can take the focus off the tank and draw it to your plants. While it’s essential to ensure that plants do not obstruct access to the tank, they can help soften the appearance of the fuel tank and enhance the surroundings.

The use of plant pots helps avoid having plants with aggressive root systems that might compromise the integrity of the tank or its foundations. Pots also have the benefit of being removable, you can take them with you if you ever decide to move house.

Overall, this simple landscaping technique can help integrate the fuel tank harmoniously into your outdoor space.

Surround Your Fuel Tank with Raised Garden Beds

Ingeniously incorporating raised garden beds around your heating oil tank is a great option to obscure anythign unsightly. This innovative approach not only conceals the fuel tank but can also add aesthetic appeal with the addtion of planting vibrant foliage or fragrant herbs to create a beautiful and functional environment.

If you are considering raised beds, it’s crucial to maintain a safe distance between the garden beds and the fuel tank to ensure the tanks’ integrity.  As raised beds will likely be permanent, ensure that you keep access to allow for both filling and tank maintenance.

Important Things To Remember

  • If you rent your property, always speak to the landlord first before making any changes to the property; whether that’s inside or outside
  • If doing anything regarding your heating oil, always make sure it’s safe and complies with the strict rules that come along with heating oil tanks. Leave a gap for filling and maintenance, don’t add anything flammable etc. British standards require a clearance of 600mm between the tank and any screening. We suggest having a look on the OFTEC website before you do anything.
  • Make sure that the next time you order heating oil, the delivery driver can still locate your tank, and has safe and easy access to it
  • We also sell a selection of slimline and low-profile oil tanks which simplifies hiding your tank
  • All of our suggestions would also work well to hide those necessary but unsightly recycling bags, rubbish bins and water butts too
  • If you choose any of the plant options, some of these (particularly hedges) will take time to mature and effectively improve the surrondings. The sooner you plant the better – what are you waiting for!

Find out the ultimate guide to oil tanks here.


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