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Switching to heating oil

Today, more households than ever before are choosing to switch to heating oil. Offering an effective, efficient and accessible way to heat your home, all year round, this heating method offers many benefits.

Within this article, we will outline the benefits and considerations for switching to home heating oil, allowing you to determine whether this heating solution is the best option for you.

HVO has seen a drop-in replacement to kerosene which has reduced emissions by up to 90%. That’s even less emissions than electricity as we’re burning fossil fuels to generate electricity at the moment (not to mention huge windmill propellers going to landfill etc.) So those switching to oil heating can likely retain their heating system too.


Understanding Heating Oil

Heating oil is the name used to describe heating applications in central heating systems. There are two different types of heating oil that you should familiarise yourself with:


Also known as 28-second oil or home heating oil, Kerosene is commonly used to heat residential properties of various sizes.

Gas oil

Gas oil, on the other hand, is also knowns as 35-second oil and is commonly used for agricultural or commercial purposes.


Evaluating Your Current Heating System

To determine whether or not switching to heating oil is the right decision for you, you must assess the performance and efficiency of your current heating system. After all, different heating systems have different costs, with some being more cost-effective than others.

You should also consider the following factors:

  • The heating oil services available in your area
  • Available pricing and payment plans
  • Delivery options
  • Does the supplier have a proven track record?
  • Will you be able to access a reliable supply?
  • If you’re switching to heating oil, you’ll need a heating oil tank, as well as protection and repair cover.

When considering whether to switch or not, you should also bear in mind that suppliers in the fuel oil industry often only serve specific areas. With this in mind, always look as close to home as possible for a heating oil supplier.


A customer choosing a heating oil supplier


Benefits of Switching to Heating Oil

There are a number of different benefits that come hand in hand with heating oil, including:


Improved efficiency and energy saving

Heating oil is both efficient and cost-effective. Because heating oil burns at a higher temperature than natural gas, it delivers far more heat than other heating solutions.


Consistent, safe, and reliable heat

Heating oil is also extremely reliable, providing a steady, and safe heat source. Heating oil only ignites when it’s in the combustion chamber of your boiler and won’t burn in a liquid state.


Considerations for Switching

If you’re considering switching to a heating oil system, you must understand what is involved before making this commitment. As well as the initial switch, there is also likely to be some level of maintenance involved in your new system.


Selecting a Heating Oil Provider

When looking for a heating oil provider, you must take the time to research different providers, so that you can find the best provider based on your needs.

If you are upgrading your current heating oil system, it’s also a good idea to

consult with providers regarding your system selection, sizing, and installation.


Maintenance and Safety Considerations

Regular maintenance and servicing are important as an oil boiler only work properly and efficiently when it burns oil cleanly.

With this in mind, you should invest in a maintenance plan to ensure that your heating oil system remains in sound working order, all year round.

Heating oil is known for its incredible efficiency, safety, performance, and environmentally friendly nature, making it a great heating solution.

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