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What Are Bunded Oil Tanks


When considering heating oil tanks, it’s important to choose between a single-skin or a bunded tank. A bunded tank consists of two layers, with the inner layer storing the oil and the outer layer acting as a safety precaution against leaks or spills.

Many UK properties rely on oil for heating and hot water, particularly those not connected to the national gas network. It’s crucial to prioritize safety and consider the long-term benefits of a bunded tank before installation or replacement.

Unlike single-skin tanks, which have only one layer, bunded tanks have an additional layer that provides extra protection for the stored fuel. This second layer, known as the bund layer, serves as a tank within a tank, minimizing the risk of fuel leakage or spills.

When making this important decision, it’s important to opt for a bunded tank as it offers a greater level of safety and protection. The inner layer of the bunded tank contains the heating oil, while the outer layer shields it from potential damage. This makes it a safer choice than single-skin tanks in the long run.


Do I need a bunded oil tank?

Bunded tanks not only provide enhanced safety, but they may also be mandatory in certain situations, particularly in domestic environments. To illustrate, bunded tanks are required if:

  • The tank can hold more than 2,500 litres of oil
  • The tank’s vent pipes are not visible while being filled
  • It is located within 10 metres of inland fresh waters, such as ponds, rivers, streams, or coastal waters
  • It is located within 50 metres of a drinking water source
  • An oil spill could reach an open drain or a loose manhole cover
  • An oil spill could reach coastal waters, inland fresh waters, or a drinking water source via hard ground
  • The tank is supplying heating oil to a building other than a single-family residence
  • The tank is situated in an Environment Agency groundwater protection zone 1
  • The tank is located in proximity to an environmental hazard.

If you use oil for heating and cooking, you may require a bunded tank. Range cookers like AGAs consume about 7 litres of fuel daily, which means you’ll need a minimum of 2,500 litres per year, on top of fuel for heating and hot water.


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How do I install a bunded oil tank?

It is crucial to have your bunded oil tank installed by an experienced engineer who is certified and knowledgeable about the latest regulations concerning oil and fuel tank installations.

If your bunded oil tank is connected to a boiler, the installation must adhere to OFTEC fire regulations. These regulations include ensuring that the tank is located on a non-combustible base that extends at least 300mm around the exterior of the tank. The tank must also be situated at a specified distance from non-fire-rated areas of the property and must not be installed within 1.8m of doors, windows, or other openings. Furthermore, it must be located at least 1.8m away from the flue terminals of oil-fired appliances and at least 600mm away from any trellis work or screening.



What sizes do bunded tanks come in?

Bunded oil tanks come in a variety of sizes, catering to different needs. Domestic tanks can range from 650 litres to 10,000 litres, depending on several factors, such as oil usage, property size, and available space. The size of the tank can be customised to suit your unique requirements.


What are the prices of bunded oil tanks?

The cost of a bunded oil tank can vary based on various factors such as size and manufacturer. Depending on your specifications, the price of a tank typically falls between £1,250 and £5,000.


More reasons why you need a bunded oil tank

Apart from fulfilling certain legal requirements, a bunded oil tank provides several other advantages, which include:

Longer warranty

Bunded tanks are known to provide extended warranty periods compared to single-skin tanks, often lasting up to 10 years.

Increased safety

Oil theft is a common occurrence in the UK, with over 25,000 fuel thefts reported in 2018 alone, and this risk is expected to increase as fuel prices rise. Domestic heating oil tanks are often targeted by thieves due to the valuable oil they contain.

To address this issue, bunded oil tanks are equipped with various safety features to prevent fuel theft. These features include a lockable fill point, a tank gauge, a fuel inspection hatch, and an overfill protection device. By having these safety features, homeowners can have peace of mind knowing that their heating oil is secure and protected from potential theft.



Oil recovery

The recovery of oil from the bund layer in the event of an inner oil tank failure can help to reduce losses of fuel and minimize the costs associated with cleanup efforts. This approach allows the oil to be reused, resulting in significant savings for those who rely on this valuable resource.

Lower risk of environmental damage

To avoid harm to the environment, it is essential to reduce the possibility of oil spills. Bunded tanks provide greater protection against oil spills compared to single-skin tanks.

Cost savings

Owning a bunded oil tank can result in substantial savings on oil expenses. As oil prices fluctuate throughout the year, it’s recommended to purchase oil in larger quantities during periods of lower prices. Bunded tanks provide ample space for storage, enabling bulk purchases of oil, whereas single-skin tanks are restricted to 2,500 litres or less.

Rainwater protection

The presence of water in your oil tank can lead to significant damage and can often go unnoticed until it creates an expensive problem with your boiler or AGA. In order to prevent this, bunded oil tanks have been designed to prevent rainwater, insects, and leaves from entering the tank, which can cause blockages in the pipes that supply your boiler.

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