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Priority Club: Heating oil smart monitor


Join our club and get a free heating oil smart monitor

We all live in a fast-paced world and much of our lives is automated, providing efficiency, peace of mind and simplicity. When it comes to heating oil, it’s something that you take for granted but when it runs out, you soon realise how much you rely on it. Whether it’s in a domestic setting, a commercial setting, agricultural or retail, when you run out of heating oil, you soon understand the problems that you face but this doesn’t have to be the case with a free heating oil smart monitor.


How Can You Avoid Running Out Of Heating Oil? 

We invest in technology that improves and enhances the way that people use oil. We understand that running out of oil is an inconvenience but we believe that making life simple is key.

Running out of heating oil during the dark depths of winter, or in fact, at any time of year can be upsetting. With our priority account, you can change all of that. Through a priority account, you can transform how you use oil with an Oil Fox tank monitor. It gives you the ability to remotely check your tank levels and it removes the need for active management, similar to being on main gas, as we take care of topping up your tank when it needs it.

Ultimately, it’s about ensuring that your system can keep up with demand. Without oil, it cannot do that but that’s where we are on hand to ensure that we continue to keep you well-supplied with oil when you need it. An oil tank monitor allows you and us to accurately and efficiently monitor your tank levels without the need to look at your tank. We never want customers to run out and that’s why our priority account is designed to help meet demand, allowing us to efficiency schedule oil drops when we’re in the area.

OilFox heating oil tank smart monitors can connect to both mobile signal towers and WiFi to ensure that daily usage readings are sent to your app. The app can then provide you with an overview of you current tank level and consumption rate over time. To ensure that your OilFox unit remains active, there is a requirement for an on-going data subscription. This is similar in many ways to data subscription charges for mobile phones, however the cost is significant lower, at just 20p per day which equates to £6 per month. This cost is factored into your monthly direct debit arrangement, so there is no need to make any additional payment to us and your direct debit covers the cost of your fuel throughout the year along with the data connectivity charge.


Managing oil levels 

If you have been managing your oils levels yourself then you’re probably aware of how important it is to keep on top of them. We have a team of experts and the right technology that works to identify when your levels are running low. An oil tank sensor enables you to take a hands-off approach, and that means that you will never run out of fuel again.

Smart monitors are a technology of the future but we believe that our customers have the right to adopt this technology today. What’s more, our priority account offers you much more than just our Oil Fox smart oil monitor. You will benefit from oil when you need it but you can also benefit from cost savings because due to efficient routing with Eco deliveries. Overall, the future of monitoring your oil levels is changing and we’re there leading from the front.


Take the hassle out of ordering heating oil

If you are someone who actively monitors your own oil tank levels then there is every chance that you have been faced with situations where you have either run out or come close. This is a situation that can be avoided with ease because an oil tank monitor can transform the way you manage your oil levels.

Using state of the art technology, we will remotely monitor your fuel tank level. We’ll set up alerts to our depots when your level is getting low, allowing us to route a load to your tank when it’s required.


How’s does it work?

  1. Join our priority club, just fill out a quick form 
  2. Get a FREE smart monitor for your oil tank
  3. Once activated, download the app to your smart phone
  4. Get piece of mind that we’re monitoring your tank and will re-fill it before you run out

Get a free smart monitor


As well as having the guarantee to never be left without oil in your tank, when you sign up to the priority club, you will receive a free tank telemetry unit, worth over £180. The unit will be professionally installed by our in house installation team, meaning you have the peace of mind your device is set up correctly.

To make payments simple, you pay for your fuel with direct debit payments and have access to your digital consumption chart, through the use of the mobile phone app.


Priority club cost savings

Not only do you get all of these great benefits, but you will also get the cost savings passed onto you directly, through our Eco deliveries, avoiding demand inflated or surge pricing.


More about Oil Fox



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How to monitor your home heating oil tank levels


So, you’ve got your heating oil sorted and you’ve checked your tank for any problems – all’s good. How are you monitoring your oil level though and do you know when you’re getting low? There are customers out there that still use an old stick to dunk in their oil tank; is that you? Some may have a monitor but it’s old and broken. Is it really worth the stress and the risk when it’s so easy to track your oil levels nowadays? To help you decide which option is best for you, we discuss home heating oil tank gauges for sale in our latest blog…


Mechanical Home Heating Oil Gauge

The original way to monitor your home heating oil levels; the mechanical home heating oil gauge. This consists of a small container that floats on top of the oil inside your tank. A cord is  attached from the float to a gauge that screws on to the top of your tank, which shows you the amount of oil you have left.


  • It’s cheap and quick
  • It’s tried and tested


  • There’s a chance the cord or gauge could get damaged over time
  • You have to physically walk to your tank to read the level on the gauge


Sonar Home Heating Oil Gauge

Just like a bat, this new version of the heating oil gauge features sonic waves. A sonar home heating oil gauge sends out signals that ping off a surface to work out how far away something is; the monitor works out how much oil you have left and then talks to a device, which then links up to a ‘contraption’ in your home.


  • You get an instant answer
  • Don’t have to go outside


  • More expensive
  • Signal may not be good if it’s too far away from your house


Home Heating Oil App

Following on from the sonar devices, did you know you can now get an app so you can monitor your heating oil level whether you’re at work, at the supermarket or even on holiday?

Join our club and get a free heating oil smart monitor

Smart monitors are a technology of the future but we believe that our customers have the right to adopt this technology today. What’s more, our priority account offers you much more than just our Oil Fox smart oil monitor. You will benefit from oil when you need it but you can also benefit from savings because of Eco deliveries. Overall, the future of monitoring your oil levels is changing and we’re there leading from the front.

Get a free smart monitor


The Watchman Anywhere is a remote oil level monitoring device that allows you to keep track of your heating oil levels using any mobile or web-enabled device; via your iPhone or Android App, email or text. Watch their handy video to find out the best place to attach the monitoring device for best results.


  • Quite simple to set up
  • You can get weekly updates emailed to you
  • Peace of mind – perfect if you have a busy/hectic life and/or work away
  • Good if you rent your home – it’ll prevent any stressful and expensive call-outs from tenants!


  • Quite expensive
  • May be a bit overwhelming if you’re not used to technology and using apps
  • Only suitable to tanks installed above the ground as there needs to be a GSM or GPRS signal in the area for the built-in sim card to transmit a signal


Getting Home Heating Oil Tank Gauge

We definitely recommend getting a gauge for your home heating oil tank; which one you choose is up to you and your needs/requirements. Remove the stress and monitor your home heating oil level so that never run out of oil again. Why not get a free, instant home heating oil quote whilst you think about it too!

*Please note – we have not tested, therefore do not endorse any of the products mentioned in this blog.



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How to hide your fuel tank

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier

Different ideas will work better for different sizes and styles of outdoor space. Also, you’ll have a lot more freedom if you own the property, compared to if you rent it.


Probably the quickest, cheapest and easiest fix to make your oil tank pretty is to put a fence around it, or at least a screen to block it from view. Whether you choose to use wooden panels, bamboo or reed; all three can be bought ready-made and ready to go, for a low cost. The fence can then be stained, painted or treated to make it last longer outside and to help it blend in more with its surroundings. Have a read of this Which ‘Garden fencing: what you need to know’ article for inspiration and top tips.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Fence Panels


With trellis, you need to be a bit more patient. If you’re happy to wait, then this can be a beautiful way to make your heating oil tank prettier. Once you’ve erected the trellis, you can start to grow plants up it. Think about the type of plants and flowers though, finding out when they bloom and die back. The RHS and RSPB have some good ideas for climbers and wall shrubs, whilst inviting different types of animals and insects in to your garden at the same time.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Trellis


A hedge is a long-term plan, so definitely don’t start this if you’re only renting your home! Once mature, a hedge has many benefits; its dense leaves will block your oil tank from view in the nicest of ways, and will hopefully be a pleasing colour all year round if you pick the right plant. It’ll also provide a new home for wildlife, such as birds and insects. You’ll need to work out what type of soil you have in your garden first, and how much sunlight the area gets. Have a look at both the Suttons and Thompson & Morgan websites for advice on evergreen hedging and shrubs to enjoy your hedge all year round, and of course make your heating oil tank prettier.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Garden Hedge

Camouflage Netting

Before spending lots of money on a new camouflage net, why not check out eBay, gumtree or even a carboot sale to see if you can grab a bargain first. There are many styles, sizes and colours of camouflage netting – look out for one that ties in with what’s in your garden or yard. It’s also ideal if you don’t have enough space for a fence, trellis or hedge; or if you’re renting and can’t make any permanent changes but want to disguise an ugly heating oil tank.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Camouflage Netting


Do you own your home? Feeling a bit creative? For that unique touch, why not try painting your oil tank and make a feature out of it? There are many weird and wonderful designs already out there to inspire you; we suggest taking a look on Pinterest for some ideas. Depending on what your tank is made of out, you’ll need to seek advice from your local homeware store and explain what you are using the paint for.

Ways To Make Your Heating Oil Tank Prettier Paint

Important Things To Remember

  • Always speak to the landlord first before making any changes to a rental property; whether that’s inside or outside.
  • If doing anything regarding your heating oil, always make sure it’s safe and complies with the strict rules that come along with heating oil tanks. Leave a gap, don’t add anything flammable etc. British standards require a clearance of 600mm between the tank and any screening. We suggest having a look on the OFTEC website before you do anything.
  • Make sure that the next time you order heating oil, the delivery driver can still locate your tank, and has safe and easy access to it.
  • All of our suggestions would also work well to hide those necessary but unsightly recycling bags, rubbish bins and water butts too.

During National Gardening Week, share your photos of how you disguise your heating oil tank with us on social media – we’d love to see them! Be sure to read our ‘Protecting Your Heating Oil’ blog too; from preventing oil leaks to protecting your tank against theft, we compiled everything you need to know about maintaining your heating oil tank.